Case Study: Stainless Steel Rolling Mill at Outokumpu Benrath – Düsseldorf

Location: Germany

7 000 tonnes of dismantled plant parts, 140 wokers, shipped in 469 containers and 67 break-bulk loads.

Plant name:
Outokumpu Nirosta GmbH
Place of dismantling:
Düsseldorf, Germany
Place of re-instalation:

Some Interesting Facts:
The biggest Polinowex project in steel industry so far. It included two Sendzimir’s rolling mills.


Production lines:

1. Sendzimir mill SZ 1300
2. Skinpass mill SPM 1300
3. Bright annealing line BAL 1301
4. Slitting line STL 1300
5. Slitting line STL 1300
6. Cut to Length line 1300
7. Roll grinder Andritz Lynson
8. Coil grinding line 1600
9. Sendzimir mill SZ 1600
10. Slitting Line 1600
11. Skinpass mill 1600
12. Quarto Mill
13. Bright annealing line BAL 1302

Number and types of cranes:

1 x 40T,
1 x 220T
1 x 500 T

Number and types of other equipment used on the project:

1x Swing loaders,
9 x 2,5-7T Forklifts,
1x Aerial wok platforms

Recent projects

Year Country Industry Description
2018 Poland Steel & Metal Installation of the plant for anodizing aluminum
2017 Switzerland Steel & Metal Dismantling of alluminium press
2017 Germany Steel & Metal Dismantling of staleless rolling mill

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