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Automotive and machines industries are a big part of dismantling market in Europe. Many automotive and machine plants across the EU have been recently merged and some of them have been closed.  Demand for automotive and machinery used equipment is rising. That’s why car manufacturing machinery  is being traded and relocated, mainly from Europe to overseas countries. Customers from overseas countries are potential buyers for such machinery. They are also looking for companies who can do dismantling and packing in Europe.

Dismantling of  automotive and machine plants requires skilled personnel, knowledge on this kind of machinery and previous experience. An important part of this project is proper match marking before mechanical, hydraulic and electrical dismantling works. Packing of dismantled equipment is key for this kind of project. The equipment in mostly cases is shipped outside Europe, so sea protection is demanded. Dismantling of an entire auto motive  or machine manufacturing plants is  a complex and big project, which needs a proper number of workers, good management and specialist equipment.

There are many small and medium size companies which do maintenance and repairing automotive machinery but there are only a few companies in Europe who can do reliable dismantling and packing. Pol-Inowex is one them. We have been in dismantling and relocation business since 1991. For recent 10 years we have done many projects in this industry. We have successfully completed a dozen or so projects in  automotive and  machine industry .  The steel plants machinery we dismantled, packed and despatched, have been successfully re-erected in new places. It is  best reference of our dismantling job.

We also do 3-D scanning which is helpful for further re-assembling

Check our recent project in automotive & others industry

Year Country Industry Description
2017 Poland Chemistry & Rafineries Dismantling of equipment in paharmacy factory
2016 England Automotive & Others Relocation of a glass production line
2015 Belgium Automotive & Others Dismantling of a wheel production line

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