3D Scaning

Proper 3D scaning of industrial plant determinates further succesful reasembling.

3D scanning is an optional part of dismantling project. It is being done after match marking and it helps in further successful reassembling in a new place. We use FARO FOCUS 3D scanner. Main advantages are:

1. Made scans are completely metric, you are able to get the resulting accuracy throughout the submission of + /-2mm

2. The result of the measurement is a complex cloud of points, with the applied texture (color), which will show all your signs suitable for further use. If any place was poorly light, you can switch scans in grayscale, the scanner scanning needs no light, the laser beam scans are the infrared.

3. The model can be used to create technical documentation, cross sections, projections, 2d documentation, identification and strain analysis, reverse engineering, virtual walks and many other applications (it is not included to our service)

4. In each of the scans separately and on the entire model, it is possible to make all the measurements with measurement accuracy.

5. The whole model can be placed on the Internet in the application Faro WebShare.

Pol-Inowex offers making 3D scanning as service. Customer  receives “a cloud of points” from the scanner on an external hard disc. This is the result of our service. Then you can use FARO SCENE software (www.faro.com/products/faro-software/scene/overview#main) for only reviewing the scans.
This file can be also processed into further documents using professional software. But this is not included into our service and should be done separately by a customer..

Pol-Inowex has over 25-year experience in dismantling and relocation services. We provide our commitment, knowledge and long-term international experience in many industries like: Power & Energy, Chemistry & Refineries, Pulp & Paper, Steel, Metal and Automotive, Food Processing and others. Working in partnership with our customers and other partners involved in projects is the essence of our way of doing business.

We invite you to cooperation. Being professional, we can prepare a quotation after a site visit. Then we help you in planning schedule, dismantling and transportation to a new destination. Please notice, that dismantling is only the first step of an industrial relocation project. We are happy when the entire project is done on time and on budget.

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