Case Study: Powerplant Voitsberg

Location: Voitsberg, Austria

13 000 tonnes of dismantled plant parts, shipped in 600 containers and 350 out-of-gauge loads by 160 workers.

Plant name:
Steam Powerplant Voitsberg 3
Place of dismantling:
8570 Voitsberg Packerstraße , 5 Austria
Place of re-instalation:
2014 / 2015

Some Interesting Facts:
320 MW Steam Powerplant generating electricyti from lignite. Probably the biggest Europe’s dismantling project in 2014. The boiler house had 100 meters- that’s 1/3 of the Eiffel Tower’s height.

Production lines:

1. Steam boiler
2. Steam turbine generator
3. Flue-gas desulfurization unit
4. Electrostatic precipitator

Number and types of cranes:

1x 80T
1x 100T
1x 120T
1x 220T
1x 600T

Number and types of other equipment used on the project:

MANITOU Forklifts: 3x 2,5T,2x 3,5T and 2x 5T
Telescopic Loader MRT: 2x 1850, 1x 2450 and 1x 3050, 2x 10T Telescopic loaders

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