Heavy Lifting

Proper heavy lifting of industrial plant determinates further succesful reasembling.

Heavy lifting  is a significant part of dismantling project. This activity applies mainly to heavy  industries like Power&Energy, Chemistry&Refineries and Steel&Metal. The job is preceded by preparation of Method Statement and Lifting Plan. We use special software for planning types of cranes  and their capacity. Lifting of heavy equipment is being done simultaneously with  loading onto low-bed trucks at the site. It is then transported to the port where heavy parts are loaded onto flat-rack containers or directly on the vessel’s deck. Heavy lifting involves a lot of conceptual works for making this job safe, efficient and at reasonable costs. We have long-term experience in this activity. After the lifting plan is done, we hire heavy cranes locally for execution the job.

We also use our own hydraulic gantry for lifting up heavy items where a mobile crane cannot be used or it is more economical.

Any mistake in heavy lifting is dangerous in terms of Health&Safety and can cause damages to heavy and big parts of equipment which are often  very expensive. That’s why, it is crucial to find an experienced dismantling company. Polinowex will be a good choice.

Our company has over 25-year experience in dismantling and relocation services. We provide our commitment, knowledge and long-term international experience in many industries like: Power & Energy, Chemistry & Refineries, Pulp & Paper, Steel, Metal and Automotive, Food Processing and others. Working in partnership with our customers and other partners involved in projects is the essence of our way of doing business.

We invite you to cooperation. Being professional, we can prepare a quotation after a site visit. Then we help you in planning schedule, dismantling and transportation to a new destination. Please notice, that dismantling is only the first step of an industrial relocation project. We are happy when the entire project is done on time and on budget.

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