Match Marking

Proper match marking of industrial plant determinates further succesful reasembling.

Match marking is a key part of dismantling project. Proper marking of industrial facilities before dismantling determinates further successful reassembling in a new place. This job is preceded by match marking plan with division the industrial plant or line for sections and subsections. Coding of  particular parts and machinery from the section is made standardly by sprays and markers. Optionally, we use a dot peen marker which ensures durable marking on metal parts and an ink jet printer which additionally can mark parts made with metal, plastic, wood, rubber and even foam. Then we use our own Excel sheet for recording marking codes, digital pictures and number of a container. The customers who likes more sophisticated methods can order a bar or RFQ code stickers system.

Any mistake or lack in match marking makes reassembling in a new place more difficult. That’s why, it is crucial to find an experienced dismantling company. Polinowex will be a good choice.

Pol-Inowex has over 25-year experience in dismantling and relocation services. We provide our commitment, knowledge and long-term international experience in many industries like: Power & Energy, Chemistry & Refineries, Pulp & Paper, Steel, Metal and Automotive, Food Processing and others. Working in partnership with our customers and other partners involved in projects is the essence of our way of doing business.

We invite you to cooperation. Being professional, we can prepare a quotation after a site visit. Then we help you in planning schedule, dismantling and transportation to a new destination. Please notice, that dismantling is only the first step of an industrial relocation project. We are happy when the entire project is done on time and on budget.

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